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Hi, my name is

Taryn Wou.

I am a

As a business and computer science (BUCS) student at the University of British Columbia, I am actively looking for opportunities to explore product management, develop my technical abilities, and drive value back into the community.

more about me

About Me

Our lives are changing all the time, so here’s a summary of mine.

Current Identities

  • Business and Computer Science Student @ UBC
  • Analyst & Project Management Intern @ Deloitte
  • Co-President & Hackathon Organizer @ nwPlus
  • Marketing Director @ Vancouver Startup Week

Side Quests

  • Hacker @ various hackathons
  • Self-empowered vlogger @ my friend groups
  • Intermediate ukulele player @ home
  • Badminton, pickleball, ultimate, kickboxing enjoyer
  • Avid volunteer @ various student organizations


  • Become fluent in ASL & Korean
  • Make education accessible to everyone
  • Open a scholarship fund
  • Have time to play Pikmin 4

Past Lives

  • Led registered nonprofit serving 23k youth for 3 years
  • Pitched a waste reduction product to Consuls General
  • Served as the Shad York 2019 Validictorian
  • Organized grade 5 math camps for 4 years
  • Binged 24 marvel movies for 5 days straight

my adventures so far



Incoming Product Manager Intern



Redmond, WA

May 2024Present

  • Copilot for Security, Security Customer Experience Engineering (CxE)
  • Deloitte

    Analyst Intern



    Vancouver, BC

    Jan 2024Apr 2024

  • IT Solutions Delivery Team, Customer Experience Office
  • Copilot AI

    Associate Product Manager Intern

    Copilot AI


    Vancouver, BC

    May 2023Present

  • Exceeded the quarterly OKR by 44% by substantially elevating north star metric usage through customer interviews, solution design, and collaboration with cross-functional teams to roll out a platform redesign.
  • Increased Smart Reply AI feature usage by 21.3% through employing prompt engineering techniques, pressure testing, conducting training for sales and customer success teams, and developing product marketing materials.
  • Conducted customer research and led cross-functional teams to ship two AI features to support upsell initiatives for the company's growth goals.
  • Castofly Technologies

    Web Developer Intern

    Castofly Technologies


    Vancouver, BC

    May 2022Aug 2022

  • Enabled CEO to attract investors and secure a spot on Dragon’s Den by developing a React analytics dashboard.
  • Facilitated market expansion by implementing a custom video branding feature using React and Redux.
  • Designed and implemented UI/UX for company website with Figma and Webflow after the designer left.
  • ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)

    Full-Stack Software Developer Intern

    ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)


    North Vancouver, BC

    Jan 2022Apr 2022

  • Improved insurance claims efficiency by saving 1,208 hours/month of manual work through automating the creation of unfiled Third-Party claims using Blue Prism and a SQL database
  • Maintained production stability by containing vulnerabilities in production processes through monthly security patching and upgrading Blue Prism to v.6.10.3
  • Granted Consulting

    Research Coordinator

    Granted Consulting


    Vancouver, BC

    May 2021Oct 2021

  • Discovered and researched ~$9.7 million worth of grants to add to an internal database for clients by generating insights on funding eligibility, application processes, and reimbursement activities for 130+ grants.
  • Shortened the research time per grant by 35% through revamping internal processes and developed 30 pages of training documentation for the Granted Research Department.
  • Liaised with 75+ grant authorities, delivery organizations, and program funders
  • Developed 18 minutes of grant overview videos, including generating insights, storyboards and scripts
  • Research & Marketing Coordinator

    Jun 2020Aug 2020

  • Tracked funding updates via Visualping and triggered updates for GetGranted clients
  • Calculated monthly clientele statistics for the team's internal dashboard
  • Set up phone calls with grantors and delivery organizations
  • Wrote 7 blogs, articles, and emails to reach prospective clients
  • Managed grant data in the Daylite CRM
  • University of British Columbia

    COMM 292 Notetaker

    University of British Columbia


    Vancouver, BC

    Jan 2021Apr 2021

  • Assisted a peer in class by developing and sharing tailored class prep and lecture notes.
  • MarketYou, LLC

    Digital Marketing Intern

    MarketYou, LLC


    Las Vegas, Nevada Area

    Sep 2019Jul 2020

  • Developed and increased brand presence for 19+ clients by designing 60+ graphics for digital advertisements, print, and brand materials
  • Generated 50,000+ social media impressions by copywriting for client advertisements
  • Enhanced website search engine optimization (SEO) ratings through copywriting for blogs and securing quality backlinks
  • Elections Canada

    Information Officer

    Elections Canada


    Coquitlam, BC

    Oct 2019Oct 2019

  • Supported the set-up and closing of the polling place
  • Directed electors to their polling station or registration desk
  • Reminded electors to have their Voter Information Card and ID available and answered the elector’s questions
  • Directed the orderly flow of people in the central polling place
  • Recognized when an elector needed extra assistance and helped them as necessary, including opening the door for them
  • Ensured that the polling place closed at the prescribed time and that electors who entered the polling place before the close could exercise their right to vote
  • check out my projects


    The Council

    The Council

    Sep 2023 – Present


    Selected as 1 of 12 finalist teams out of 250 projects at Hack the North 2023 by developing an AI-powered advice platform using Three.js, react-three-fiber, and the GPT-3.5-turbo API.



    May 2023 – Present


    Placed 1st at StormHacks 2023 by developing a smart itinerary builder using Firebase, Express, Next.js, Node.js in addition to the GPT-3.5-turbo API, Google Places API, and Google Routes API.

    The Vlogs

    The Vlogs

    Sep 2022 – Present

    Final Cut Pro

    These highlight reels are meant to capture my adventures with friends.

    Take Knote

    Take Knote

    Sep 2022

    React Native
    Expo Go

    Developed the front-end for a shared digital scrapbook using React Native at Hack the North 2022 while combatting sleep-deprivation and food poisoning.

    CBSS 2020 Senior Yearbook

    CBSS 2020 Senior Yearbook

    Mar 2020 – Aug 2020

    Affinity Designer

    In light of COVID-19, this free 111-page digital yearbook was created in an attempt to capture the Class of 2020's 'Best' memories.

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